Business Consultancy

Theory is great, but you need practical advice from those who have been there and done it!

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Business Start Up

Over 65% of new businesses fail within year one! Learn how to start right and grow a thriving business.

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Business Growth

Only a business with a realistic strategy can grow successfully. What’s your business growth strategy?

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Funding & Programmes

Increased profitability comes from a focus on one specific area. Do you know what it is?

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Grow Your Business With An RBSS Business Advisor

Would you like some professional help to start up & grow your business? RBSS has a track record of helping new businesses start right & existing businesses grow.

At RBSS each client is unique and is enabled to become a high-performance business by focusing on strategic decisions & practical actions specific to your business.

As our client you will gain insights into how to make critical decisions that solve your most pressing challenges.

Client Testimonials



RBSS Consulting provided a consultant who was a visionary business leader with the rare ability to drill down, extract and isolate key strategic and relevant business critical information from the minutia.
Founder and Director


RBSS has provided me with an excellent service so far. From the first meeting I was impressed with their professionalism, and every step of the way my business consultant has been an excellent sounding board and has provided many value-added ideas to help me take my business forward. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending RBSS to anyone else looking to start their own business.

Birgit Cunningham

RBSS was phenomenal when it came to providing me with start up business advice. Remi made sure I stayed on track and realistic about potential income, etc. They provided solid, highly experienced advice and never wasted a second. A high calibre professional organisation.
Founder and Director

Hudson Dry Cleaning

RBSS today is the first day of the rest of my life. Yes, the shop is now open!!! Thank you both so much for everything you did to help me achieve my dream. 1 customer already.