Grow Your Business With An RBSS Business Advisor

Would you like some professional help to start up and grow your business?

RBSS has a track record of helping new businesses start right and existing business to grow successfully.

At RBSS each client is unique and is enabled to become high-performance business by focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions specific to your business.

As our client you will gain insights into how to make critical decisions that solve your most pressing challenges.

The aim of RBSS business coaching is to help you achieve success as defined by you!

An RBSS Business Advisor Is An Investment, Not A Cost!

We’ve all done it. We sit at home watching the Apprentice pretending to be experts while shouting at the TV as if we could do a better job than the candidates. Thankfully, running a business is nothing like the famous TV show, but it is important to get some real experts alongside you when running your own enterprise, and investing in a business coach is a good place to start.

Small Business Advice

Whether you are a start up with a great idea, or an existing company that requires a helping hand to grow, our small business advisors will provide you with the support and insight to take you to the next level.

Our business coaching experts provide a variety of services in the Enterprise, Employment and Skills sector. Our highly skilled business consultants give our clients the insight they need to make critical decisions and solve their most pressing challenges.

We aim to do what is right for each client, enabling them become high-performance businesses by focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. Our coaching will help you achieve your own definition of success.

Client testimonials

“RBSS Consulting provided a consultant who was a visionary business leader with the rare ability to drill down, extract and isolate key strategic and relevant business critical information from the minutia.”Director, GHIC Ltd

“RBSS has provided me with an excellent service so far. From the first meeting I was impressed with their professionalism, and every step of the way my business consultant has been an excellent sounding board and has provided many value-added ideas to help me take my business forward. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending RBSS to anyone else looking to start their own business”Founder and Director, BFAH Ltd

“RBSS was phenomenal when it came to providing me with start up business advice. Remi made sure I stayed on track and realistic about potential income, etc. They provided solid, highly experienced advice and never wasted a second. A high calibre professional organisation.”Entrepreneur Birgit Cunningham

Over 65% of new businesses fail within year one! Learn how to start right and grow a thriving business.

business start up advice

Only a business with a realistic strategy can grow successfully. What’s your business growth strategy?

business growth strategy

Increased profitability comes from a focus on one specific area. Do you know what it is?

business consultancy

Theory is great, but you need practical advice from those who have been there and done it!

business consultant

Our Vision

Our vision is to see individuals and organisations achieve their full performance and growth potential regardless of the state of the political, economic, social or technological environment they work in. We want to see you break through these challenging times and achieve and sustain success as defined by you.
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Why Choose An RBSS Business Advisor

Business Advice – For over 20 years, our associates have successfully delivered business advice and consultancy services to hundreds of businesses. We have helped hundreds of Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses start from the scratch and supported them into healthy sustained businesses with healthy turnovers and profitability.
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Start Up Support

It’s important you start the right way. Here are a few ways we support you. This could be on a one to one basis or in small groups. We do what’s best for you.

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Our Work Team

We are dedicated to helping organisations improve their performance and achieve sustained profitable growth.

We work in formal or informal working environments where ideas and effort take precedence over hierarchy and processes. We focus on strategic decisions and practical actions for our clients.
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Client Comments

“Since the moment I first met with RBSS they’ve been 100% supportive of my business idea – offering insightful guidance, encouragement and plenty of patience as together we shaped a comprehensive business plan and cash-flow-forecast. All you need is a business idea and the passion to see it through and RBSS will provide you with a wealth of expertise and friendly advice to help make it happen.”
Andrew G. Morgan, Director, Survivor Films Ltd.
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